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  • Einstein’s enduring gifts

    Einstein’s enduring gifts

    E=mc2 We all know the equation, combined with the image of Einstein with wild hair from our college days: posters, T-shirts. But what the heck does it mean, other than that Einstein was undeniably brilliant, and approachably crazy? I wanted to know more. WikiHow (thank you wikiHow: much of what follows is taken word for […]

  • Thanksgiving Sermon October 13, 2013

           There’s something very special about little children.  Particularly if they’re your own, or, even better, godchildren or grandchildren.  The way the hand gets stretched out towards you:   “Sam!/Beth, Grandma, Grandpa: Look at me!  Let’s explore! Why?” In that brief second of time, all the cares you may be carrying slip away and […]