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  • As you write your Christmas cards….

    And whilst pondering the fall of Aleppo……   He takes such small steps To express our longings. Thank you, Schubert.   How many hours Do I sit here Aching to do   What I do not do When, suddenly, He throws a single note   Higher than the others So that I feel The green […]

  • So, what happens next?

    So, what happens next?

    So, what happens next? We’ve had a week to begin to absorb the results of the US elections. Like a stone thrown into the middle of a pond, ripples of concern are moving outward. What will happen around climate change, trade, international relations, basic human rights? The feeling of having been robbed of the promise […]

  • Stupid Phrases for People in Crisis

    Originally posted on Marilyn R. Gardner:
    God will never give you more than you can handle. While some may believe it is theologically correct, depending on your definitions, it is singularly unhelpful to the person who is neck-deep in a crisis, trying to swim against a Tsunami. A wonderful phrase recently came from Support for…

  • Don’t say: “I can’t do anything.”

    What to do? Might Abraham’s courageous leadership be a way of freeing up the sense of powerlessness we feel?

  • The Fourth Sunday in Advent.

                      There can be times the trees leap out at you, and this isn’t about the impact of today’s ice-storm.  All you see are trees: endless obstacles, in the way, stopping you from seeing beyond what you’re crashing up against.  Does this resonate at all?                   Maybe […]

  • Thanksgiving Sermon October 13, 2013

           There’s something very special about little children.  Particularly if they’re your own, or, even better, godchildren or grandchildren.  The way the hand gets stretched out towards you:   “Sam!/Beth, Grandma, Grandpa: Look at me!  Let’s explore! Why?” In that brief second of time, all the cares you may be carrying slip away and […]