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  • It’s Sunday.

      It’s Sunday. Confession time. I have a confession to make: I haven’t been to church on a Sunday since my sabbatical began on July 10. “And you, a pastor!” I hear you. On the first Sunday I was in the airport waiting for a flight. And for the other Sundays? I have no excuses. […]

  • Einstein’s enduring gifts

    Einstein’s enduring gifts

    E=mc2 We all know the equation, combined with the image of Einstein with wild hair from our college days: posters, T-shirts. But what the heck does it mean, other than that Einstein was undeniably brilliant, and approachably crazy? I wanted to know more. WikiHow (thank you wikiHow: much of what follows is taken word for […]

  • Mid-week Musings

    Mid-week Musings

    A different kind of start to the day. To you from Loretto Maryholme, Georgina, Ontario